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The Garage Gym in Round Rock Texas is where real family members get real gym training.  We were built on people that have been to the other side and want to give their fitness passion back.  We believe in training anyone, anyway, anywhere possible both in our Garage Gym or in your own garage gym.  So we have created our own methodology for individualized fitness made for real people that want to reach their health and fitness goals.  

Our Story

So you just walked in to a 21,000 square-foot building with the sounds of roller derby wheels screeching as the players maneuver jockeying for position.  Or maybe it's the slam of the hockey puck into the glass from the inline teams as a shot on goal travels wide.  What ever the gym sounds and sights ...You will quickly realize you are somewhere SPORT AND TRAINING is all around you.

GESS WRX Training Methodology

Where it Began

Fitness Training Periodization in Round Rock Texas, The Garage Gym

This gym was built by people that have fought the good fight.  Busy professionals with kids and grand kids.  With hobbies and friends but still wanted to be the best versions of themselves.  So one day at work, on a piece of paper after studying this "fitness game" since I was 19 and getting "LOVE FLUFF" as we called it and then getting in the best shape of our lives at 40+.  

WHAT IF WE COULD TRAIN THE WORLD.  A lofty goal you might say.  But really.  With technology, automation and now owning a gym.  What if we could articulate and build programs that we could give to people at a 25% of what normal trainer do while still giving them the same personalized solutions, communication and attention.  Then the wheels started turning and the above piece of paper jumped out of my head.  

52 weeks and 365 days a year we could give our physical and virtual members an optimally designed workout to attain there STRENGTH, MUSCLE GROWTH and FAT LOSS goals.  Carefully crafting a fluid design of training that allows scale-ability.

Our Methodology is called GESS wrx. GROWTH, ENDURANCE, STRENGTH and SKILL at its foundation.  See, fitness training is based on many factors but at the baseline is your ability and understanding of nutrition and training volume to reach those highlighted words in the previous sentence.  WHAT the heck you say.   Exactly.  If you do not understand these things then walking into a gym can be frustrating, demotivating and more importantly you can get injured.     

We have a standardized process starting with a consultation, an assessment, training, nutrition and results based. You can see more on THIS PAGE.   In summary you tell us your goals then we take the science of the essential volume based training to reach those goals based sets and repetitions along a timeline to achieve those goals.  Sounds easy right.  Well, what if I told you that target is always moving along your journey.  So printing something online may just put you right back where you started after weeks of progress.  That could be frustrating for sure.  

Example:  If STRENGTH and a desire to improve your power with heavier loads is your goal you might see yourself in the 5-1 reps per set.  But, we will not sacrificing the GROWTH of your muscles by including 8-15 reps per set at specific intervals of that timeline.  Who doesn't want to feel stronger right?   

See, where many programs stop at the basic BRO SCIENCE of X sets and Y reps over Z time.  We believe in the entire package to get you fit at the metabolic level.  For instance ENDURANCE is a stigma for some big gainers thinking they cannot grow by doing "CARDIO".  Well, I think the Crossfit world has proven that theory wrong.  Why?  Metabolic conditioning that will push your heart rate and increase your cardiovascular capacity as well as your muscular capacity within the 3 different energy pathway. Phosphagenic or 10-30 of work, Glycolytic or 30-120 seconds of work and Oxidative or 120-300 seconds of work.   Being able to work with weights (STRENGTH) and jump rope (ENDURANCE) and do kipping pull-ups (SKILL) will elevate your heart without having to jump on the old treadmill.  

Every workout we program for your personal prescription is based on our ability to track results from similar people within our APP and then tweak to meet your goals along your timeline.   Most importantly with THE COACHED EXPERIENCE our custom iPhone and Android application you have 24/7 access to a trainer through the messaging features and the ability to track, measure and see your strength and nutrition goals progress.  This is how we are able to train you for a fraction of the other guys.  They will tell you different and how they are doing things different to charge you the money.  I assure you that its all science and and accountability and we just decided it the right damn thing to do to offer training to anyone that wants to BE BETTER ON PURPOSE.

The GESS wrx's system at it's very core takes away your entire need to GUESS what workout you need to do daily to get results.  Let us do that for you.  I mean it is what we do :)

Hypertrophy Training Table

Hypertrophy Training Table in Round Rock Texas Personal Trainer at The Garage Gym at Rock Sports Are

You are at the gym.  Make the most of it in the least amount of time.  if you are going to build a rocket ship.  You might as well put rocket fuel in it.

Energy Pathways

Aerobic and Anaerobic Energy Pathways, Personal Training in Round Rock Texas, The Garage Gym

This is not your grandfathers cardio.  Move heaver loads over longer distances in a shorter amount of time equals an increase work capacity.

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